World Spine Day 2016 - Straighten Up and Move

UpAndRunning World Spine Day Log

logoChiropractor Paul Cheung has been raising awareness on back pain:


October 16th marks the annual event of World Spine Day, part of the Bone and Joint Decade Action Week. All over the world, we are reminding millions of people to “Straighten Up & Move” as back pain is having a major impact on our health, both mental and physical. And it is happening every day.

Did you know that hunching over a desk is putting over 200 pounds / 90 kilograms of pressure on your spine? Over how many hours per day, and over several days a week? It is a lot of stress!

This kind of stress has a slow, cumulative effect, and the bony joints and muscles in your back and neck, can become inflamed, as the tissues are beginning to suffer. You start to get jammed up!! Your nervous system becomes loaded with stress to the point when it will start sending pain messages, having a profound effect on your mental and physical well-being.

Common complaints are neck pain, low back pain and as a result, not being able to go to work, sleep comfortably, pick up the kids, enjoy going to the gym, and so on.

Globally, absenteeism from work is having a major impact on the economy. In the UK, they once said that every day, the town the size of Coventry (maybe even a city the size of Birmingham), was off-work due to back pain.

At UPANDRUNNING Medical Center, we can offer you fast, effective treatment for all your aches and pains, and give you great advice on posture, and training for a better, stronger body. Once you have achieved the “feel good factor” once again, having a tune-up every few weeks or every couple of months should keep you in tip-top shape! It works!

Just to get you started, please sit up to activate your postural muscles and also, get up a few times every hour and move about for a minute or two. (I know that sometimes you get engrossed in an email, report, meeting and it will be difficult to break off, though for most of the time when you are not mega-busy, get up and get moving). Good luck!!