World Spine Day 2016 - Straighten Up and Move

2016 World Spine Day event in Taiwan

BannerDate: 2016/10/16 (Sunday)

Time: 13:30-17:30 (open for admission at 13:00)

Location: 6F.-6, No.51, Hengyang Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan

We will invite Dr. Albert Lee and Dr. John Hsieh who are well known chiropractors to talk about spinal health and common causes of lower back pain. 

Dr. Albert Lee is the famous author of the best selling book, “Activate Your Healing Power from Chiropractic”. Dr. Lee has been on many TV and radio programs to promote the importance of spine health to the public. 

Dr. John Hsieh has published over 50 research papers on professional journals and leaded the USA federal million dollars chiropractic projects. Dr. Hsieh has multiple degrees of Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and acupuncture. Come and learn how to earn your spine health from a different approach.

The famous personal trainer Dora Shih will demonstrate how to apply easy exercise to our daily life to enhance spine health. It is lots of fun and easy to learn.

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Hosted by Taiwan Chiropractic Doctors’ Society 

Co-hosted by Taiwan Back Pain Association