World Spine Day 2019 - Get Spine Active

Peak Chiropractic Centre Cape Town

Dr Nick and Dr Emmie had such a fun time this morning at Auburn House School.

We have been out and about in the community all week creating awareness of spine and nervous system health for World Spine Day.

These children were on fire! They knew that the brain controls everything that happens in your body, they were keen to learn more about Chiropractors and what they do and they had fun doing the Straighten Up South Africa movements. Even the teachers got involved!

Dr Thorn, Dr Nick and Dr Greg were also at RisCura Solutions in Claremont.

They spoke about stress management and adaptability and how to help you dance through the chaos of life.

They discussed how to #GetSpineActive because movement is like a windmill that powers your brain.

Of course, they also mentioned that keeping your spine and nervous system free from interference with Chiropractic care can help with all of the above and more!