World Spine Day 2016 - Straighten Up and Move

Welcome to World Spine Day 2016!

October 16, every year, is World Spine Day. This year we’re encouraging everyone to Straighten Up and Move!

Spinal disorders are amongst the leading causes of disability. When people cannot move or get around properly, it impacts on their quality of life, their ability to work and their relationships with those around them. In some countries, it can stop people being able to earn a living so that they can feed their families.


World Spine Day raises awareness of spinal disorders. This year, our goal is to inform, educate and inspire people to prevent pain and disability by improving their posture and becoming more physically activity – to Straighten Up and Move!

Most of us will suffer back or neck pain at some point in our lives. It can be a result of an injury from lifting or twisting. It can be related to the work we do, especially when it is repetitive and in awkward positions. We know that sitting for prolonged periods can increase our risk of back pain. Simply getting older can make us vulnerable to spine pain, especially if we don’t move around as much as we used to. Even if it’s just a brief episode, we know how back and neck pain can affect everything we do.

Around the world, many millions of people are living with spinal disorders. Many communities do not have access to professional spine care. Many workers now sit for long periods or have jobs that can put their spines in stressful positions. World Spine Day helps people to help themselves by standing taller, lifting better and moving more.

1908433_10152791064528234_7454854276011768959_nStraighten Up is a series of simple exercises that people of all ages can do to help people be kind to their spines. It encourages people to stand tall and improve their flexibility.

Whether you suffer with a spinal disorder, care for someone who does, or are a spinal health professional, get involved with World Spine Day. Visit our website at and find out about projects taking place in your area – or organise your own! Together we can make a difference.