World Spine Day 2017 - Your Back In Action

Grant and Wiggett Chiropractic

Here is a list of event Grant and Wiggett Chiropractic are doing for World Spine Day 2017:

Free Spinal Screening

We are encouraging everyone and anyone to come into our clinic for a free spinal screening on the 16, 17 and 18 October!

Plank Challenge!

We have challenged 3 gyms. All in different areas, as well as offer different type and disciplines of training. The gyms are offering a free membership to the male and female that can plank the longest.

  1. The Fitness Factory at Northwood High School
  2. Off the Grid Athletic
  3. Domination Gym

Spine Health Talk: How technology impacts our daily lives

On Monday 16th October at 19h00, we will be doing a talk, which is open to the public.