World Spine Day 2017 - Your Back In Action

Peak Chiropractic Cape Town

Peak Chiropractic is opening its doors for Adventure Clubs kids to discover the wonders of their body.

Come and play as we learn about health and where it comes from and what Chiropractors do. Kids can bring their favourite doll or figure to be checked by a Chiropractor. There will be crafts, colouring in, fun exercises and healthy snacks. Have your child bring their favourite babydoll, action figure or stuffed animal (anything that in real life would have a spine!)

The kids will be delighted to have their toys get their spine and nervous system “checked” by Dr Greg Venning, a Wellness Professional and Vitalistic Chiropractor. While toys are getting check-ups, Dr Greg will also teach the kids about how important it is to care for their spine and give parents practical tips for ensuring nervous system health before the kids get into their craft making their own “spine” out of egg cartons and other craft supplies.

Come enjoy this educational and exciting adventure!