#MOVEYOURSPINE has been announced as the theme of 2023’s World Spine Day campaign.

The theme emphasizes the importance of movement in addressing spinal pain and disability as part of the global burden of disease and addresses the need for movement education to all regions, cultures, backgrounds, and across the life course worldwide. With an estimated 540 million people in the world suffering from low back pain at any one time, it remains the leading cause of years lived with disability.

This World Spine Day, we are calling for action to focus on the global burden of spinal disorders while emphasizing how to #MOVEYOURSPINE; prioritizing a condition that is more prevalent than cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s Disease combined.

The campaign calls for greater global commitment to tackling spinal pain and disability by governments, communities, and public health bodies.
World Spine Day also recognizes the lack of access to quality spine care and rehabilitation in under-served communities, which results in chronicity and permanent deformity. For many populations, spinal pain and disability is not just a minor inconvenience – it can mean not being able to work and provide food and sustenance.

#MOVEYOURSPINE will focus on highlighting ways in which all people can help their spines by staying mobile, avoiding physical inactivity, not overloading their spines, and adopting healthy habits such as weight loss and smoking cessation.

Believed to be the largest global public health event dedicated to promoting spinal health and well-being, World Spine Day is observed by health professions and public organizations concerned with spine care throughout the world.

#EVERYSPINECOUNTS will focus attention on the diverse nature of spinal pain and disability at home, in the workplace, in schools, and in our communities.

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