DCA’s “Spine Pro” / DKA’s “RygFessor”

The Danish Chiropractors’ Association (Dansk Kiropraktor Forening) are dkf-logocelebrating World Spine Day Sunday 16th October 2016 (and the 19th and 21st October as well) with their event called “Spine Professor” or “Spine Pro” – in Danish “RygFessor”.

The event is carried out by students from the Danish chiropractic program (clinical biomechanics) at University of Southern Denmark. The students educate children (and the adults/parents the bring with them) in spinal health in central streets of large cities of Denmark. On 16th October 2016 it’s in Odense.

The children have to go through 4 stations with 4 different assignments, where they use their hands, senses, minds and bodies to learn how to prevent back pain and keep the back healthy.

  • At station 1 they have to use their senses and explore a real knee joint (from a pig) – but they are engaged in seeing and touching bones, joints and muscles and are told that the spine and backs is built by the same.
  • At station 2 they have to use their minds and answer 4 questions about  the number of vertebraes in the spine, if it’s good for the spine/back to move or to sit still a lot, what cartilage is and what it actually is that make pain, if your back hurts.
  • At station 3 they have to use their hands and collect a skeleton of a man (a big jigsaw puzzle).
  • At station 4 they have to use their body to make 4 Straighten Up-exercises.

When they have fulfilled the 4 stations they get a t-shirt and a diploma-poster with their name on it – and their parents/adults get a folder about why we celebrate World Spine Day  and why it’s important to teach children about spinal health, and it engage them in taking part in this by engaging a everyday life with a lot of movement.

This is the website for the event: www.danskkiropraktorforening.dk/rygfessor , #rygfessor at Instagram.

The English version of this page is eagerly awaited.