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Examples of World Spine Day activities from previous years

Events Showcase Video for 2016:

Previous years events:

  • Promotion of the Straighten Up and Move program (Australia, South Africa, USA)
  • Congress on “Treatment of Spinal Disorders” (Bulgaria)
  • Expert meeting including topics such as disc herniation, exercise, spinal injuries in sport, spinal cord injuries (Croatia)
  • Demonstration of exercises for neck and back and related conferences (India)
  • Creation/promotion of public education materials on back pain (Slovenia)
  • Walking programs (Australia, USA)
  • Poster display and bookmarks (Malaysia)
BJD-INDIA ACTIVITY WEEK 2004: BJD Banners put up at the venue of public awareness program in Pune on 12 Oct 04 (World Arthritis Day). BJD-INDIA ACTIVITY WEEK 2004: Dr. Nidhi Jain, Physiotherapist, demonstrating exercises of neck and back at the rural medical camp held in village Bhigwan on 16 Oct 04 (World Spine Day).
World Spine Day 2013- Straighten Up and Move during staff meeting at Life University (USA)
World Spine Day 2013- School children participate in Straighten Up and Move activities (Hong Kong)