World Spine Day Toolkit

The World Spine Day (WSD) toolkit is designed and intended for use by anyone with an interest in promoting awareness and understanding of spinal health and spinal disorders.

The information and ideas presented in this toolkit have been assembled based on input from organizations and individuals, from materials used in the past and currently, from evidence around spinal conditions and our current knowledge about prevention of spine disorders. We hope that these provide a starting point for you to plan activities relevant to your region, country and local community.

Download the World Spine Day- “Your Back at Work” Toolkit here

Resource Materials

WSD Your Back at Work- Event Poster 

WSD Your Back at Work- Spine Selfie Poster

WSD Your Back at Work handout- Office/Sedentary workers

WSD Your Back at Work handout- Labourers and Agricultural workers

Straighten Up and Move Resource Materials

There have been generous donations of promotional and educational materials by international organizations who are in support of WSD and who are collaborating in this global effort.  Materials include:

The Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), in partnership with the 10 provincial chiropractic associations, launched the Straighten Up Canada app on October 16, 2014 to mark World Spine Day. The app includes 12 individual exercise videos for youth and adults, a tracking feature to monitor progress and set personalized reminders, social media sharing capabilities, Find a Chiropractor search functionality, and more. The Straighten Up Canada app is available in French and English, and was created to bring awareness to the importance of good posture for optimal spinal health.

To download the App visit Android App or Apple App.

To view videos of the Straighten Up Canada exercises click here:  Adult and Youth

Additional Resources:

Bone and Joint Decade
Straighten Up
Just Start Walking


Bone and Joint Decade Major Publications

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