World Spine Day Toolkit

The World Spine Day (WSD) toolkit is designed and intended for use by BJD National Action Networks, professional associations, patient advocacy groups, governments, educational institutions, industry and others with an interest in promoting awareness and understanding of spinal health and spinal disorders.

The information and ideas presented in this toolkit have been assembled based on input from organizations and individuals, from materials used in the past and currently, from evidence around spinal conditions and our current knowledge about prevention of spine disorders. We hope that these provide a starting point for you to plan activities relevant to your region, country and local community.

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Resource Materials

There have been generous donations of promotional and educational materials by international organizations who are in support of WSD and who are collaborating in this global effort.   These materials, branded with the WSD logo are available for download and use via the WSD website.  Materials include:

About Straighten Up and Move

The Straighten Up and Move program originally developed in 2004, was embraced and promoted by the Bone and Joint Decade in 2006 and well received by leaders of the World Health Organization in 2006 .The Straighten Up and Move program is a bold and innovative health promotion initiative designed to empower people everywhere toward better spinal health and an improved quality of life. It is aimed at people of all ages, genders and cultures, with materials appropriate to age range.  Straighten Up and Move uses pictorial images and also has its content translated into many languages including (French, German, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Swedish among others).

Consisting of a series of simple exercises and lifestyle recommendations taking just minutes each day to complete, Straighten Up and Move modules promote the improvement of posture and body core stabilization to help in the prevention of spinal conditions. They are easy and fun and can be completed quickly as a regular day-to-day preventative health practice.  The 2-3 minute routines can help improve and prevent poor posture, which is a common trigger for general back and neck pain and can be undertaken by all ages.

Additional Resources:

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Bone and Joint Decade Major Publications

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