World Spine Day 2019 - Get Spine Active

Hand Back Health poster competition, Uganda

Hand Back Health have a fantastic project lined up by visiting local villages in their area to provide information on Spine Care in aid of World Spine Day.

Hand Back Health is a local NGO in the Jinja area focusing on providing health services and education, primarily concerned with physical and neurological disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Their present project centers around World Spine Day and educating the youth about prevention of potentially disabling conditions. The prevalence of Chronic Low Back Pain around the world is 18.1%. But in Africa it is 32%, due in part to the fact that low back pain disproportionately affects those with less education, those involved in heavy physical work and those with a lower socio-economic status. This project aims to start addressing these issues by providing education to the youth; prevention is better than a cure!

Our Hand Back Health team will be teaching youth from selected schools in Jinja District the importance of keeping an active and healthy spine
Each school will create an educational poster that can be re-printed and extended to schools and communities.
Each school will need to create a performance; preferably in the form of a song/dance to educate and involve students and communities in understanding the need for an active healthy spine
Performances will be recorded and submitted on WORLD SPINE DAY.
Voting for the best school’s Poster & Performance will take place from the 16th October which is World Spine Day and voting will end on 20 October 2019.
May the Best School win!

The school project entries will be posted on the internet and social media for all to vote on to find a winner. The ‘winning’ posters will be printed and placed throughout schools and communities to aid in spreading the message.

Their competition poster is available here: COMPETITON POSTER

Viva College! What a wonderful group of students we had that were so enthusiastic about their Active Spine Care workshop.


Another successful workshop in aid of World Spine Day at Mwiri College in Jinja. Here we have Cowboy Tom giving students a few tips on how to showcase their upcoming presentation.


KIIRA COLLEGE where Joel our wonderful physiotherapist is sensitizing students about the importance of looking after your spine!