World Spine Day 2018 - Love Your Spine

Chiropractic Research Council

The CRC will be supporting World Spine Day 2018 with their ‘Pounds for Patients’ initiative.

In order to help the estimated one billion people who suffer globally from back pain, and help to alleviate the number 1 cause of disability worldwide, the CRC is committed to raising and investing funds to support chiropractic research and researchers. That way we can help to understand spine pain, and improve the care that we give to our patients.

All they ask is that you contribute at least 1 treatment fee to the Chiropractic Research Council (just follow the link below) on World Spine Day, so that we might be able to help more people to #LoveYourSpine.

You could ask you patients to donate too – a small bowl on your reception desk is all that is required!
(Obviously, if you’d like to donate more, or perhaps donate an hour, the morning, afternoon, or even the whole day we’d be even more delighted!)

Not in the UK? Can’t do ‘£pounds for patients’? Don’t worry, with a bit of artistic licence you could do ‘$dollars for the day’ or ‘krones for clicks’??!!

A BIG thank you in advance for helping us to help beat back pain.

To find out more, visit their facebook page: or website: